GP - T5024
Model No GP-T5024
Power (W) 24
Size (mm) 1200*21*34
LED qty (pcs) 120
Luminous 2100-2400
Effciency 90-100
Power Factor 0.9
CRI 70
Input (V) 85-260
1. Aluminium extrusion: high quality die-casting aluminium housing, excellent heat dissipation.
2. Housing: Nice flowing lines. Milky white PC cover, provides perfect light distribution
3. Build-in Epistar chip: Taiwan import epistar led chip, SMD technology, reliable long operating life.
4. Internal driver: constant voltage and current, intelligent IC power management, stable power supply.
5. Installed way: equip with clip fitting, easy to install.
6. 113 degree lighting provides a wide range of light distribution.
7. Wide range of colour temperature 6500k 3000k 4000k can provide almost any color.

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