GP - LS240D
Model No GP-LS240D
Voltage DC12V
LED Type SMD 2835
LED Qty/M 240PCS
PCB Width 10mm
PCB Thickness 70U*35U (30Z)
Wattage 26W/M
CRI 80+
Luminous 24-26Lm/led
IP Grade IP20/IP65 (Slim sleeve)
Color Available 3000k, 4500k, 6000k, Blue
1. Can be dimmable with dimmer controller.
2. Extra Bright LEDs
3. Long life span.
4. Flexible, convenient for design and motif.
5. Energy-saving and eco-friendly.
6. UV & Water-proof PVC material.
7. IP20-IP65 wide application for indoors & outdoors.

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